How to take care of your shoes

The first maintenance steps are the same for all types of leather:

  1. For the shaping of your shoes please use a shoe tree, then remove the laces.
  2. Dust with a scraper (horsehair brush).

Smooth Leather 

Clean with a cotton chamois and use a colorless universal cream that will also nourish and protect your smooth leather.

If you wish to re-color with a shoe polish, use a surfine cream in the color of your leather, and polish with a dedicated brush.

If you wish to shine this leather use a colorless beeswax-based surfine cream.

Greasy Leather 

Fatty leathers called Pull-up can be maintained with grease, the latter can be in a jar ( colorless seal grease ) to be applied with a soft cloth, or a liquid colorless grease to be applied with a brush dedicated to this effect.

Suede Leather 

After dusting with a horsehair brush, you will need to grab a brass brush to delicately brush the suede calf leather and give it volume.

There is also the crepe brush that can replace the brass brush, which can be more effective on certain tasks. If certain tasks persist, try a suede eraser.

Regular waterproofing is the best solution to protect against moisture and all kinds of stains.

It is preferable to use a colorless and nourishing spray with almond oil (Renovatine) to nourish as well as protect.

If you wish to re-color, use the same Renovatine in the color of your leather.

Be sure to spray at least 30 cm and evenly over the entire boot or shoe.