The importance of materials

Since the creation of Gardian until today we have and will always bring a huge interest in the quality of our leathers.

We select the best tanners in order to offer shoes in full grain leather. We choose high quality skins to ensure the character and durability of our boots and shoes.

All our leathers come from France, Spain or Italy.



All our products are designed in France and handmade in France, Spain or Italy.

The patinas applied to our leathers are handmade, which gives a unique look to each product.

We favour environmentally friendly techniques such as vegetable tanning, chrome-free and "goodyear" sewing for a product that can be repaired and resolvable.

The “goodyear” sewn

The sewing technique “goodyear” allows the Gardian product to be repaired and fully resealed.

Brevet Goodyear

The sewn “Goodyear” was patented in the United States at the end of the 19th Century by Charles Goodyear Junior, son of Charles Goodyear the inventor of rubber vulcanization. The machine allowing the mechanization of the Goodyear was invented by James Hanan. In 1869, Charles Goodyear bought James Hanan's patent, and the biggest shoe brands were fascinated by the fame of this revolutionary new process and many travelled to the Americas to be trained by the American master bootmakers;

Since then, the sewn “Goodyear” remains unsurpassed.

In a nutshell: the so-called “goodyear”, uses the same technique as that used by hand-stitched bootmakers, but it is mechanized.

A sewn shoe “goodyear”, consists of two seams:

  • The first seam called “Goodyear” is made with the machine “Goodyear”. This one assembles in a single seam: the shank, the first and the welt.
  • The second seam is made with a so-called "petit points" machine. This machine assembles the weld bead to the sole plate.

Goodyear sewing machine

Thus, once the sole wears out, it is easy to replace it and make a new small stitch seam, without endangering the rest of the construction.

This construction is therefore extremely durable.